hk protests

Heartaches. NYTimes: “Crackdown on Protests” Live feed on Reddit #OccupyHK * [Oct 4] Earlier in the week I wrote something about HK, it’s in The Rumpus. Doesn’t articulate everything I am trying to sort out, but it is a piece of it. [Oct 16] “Umbrella/Shield Poetics”: more processing on the HK protests at the Kundiman […]

hk (i) This summer I was in the city of my childhood for almost three weeks, sweating in all ways: slowly, immediately, consistently. I wasn’t sure how to feel, which is normal for me, but still dislocating. It was familiar and unfamiliar in a way that was different than when I was here in 2010-2011. […]


This year, organizers’ estimates are at [400K] (last year they were around 200K).  “An unexpected element…lay in the participation in the march of hundreds of mainland Chinese who carried banners denouncing the confiscation of their farms for government-backed real estate projects in communities near Hong Kong. ‘It is not possible to protest in China, so we […]