on transnational writing

When asked about audience and imagination, the writer from Pakistan said he didn’t feel the need to help the West imagine his land, so he didn’t include physical descriptions. He said that he himself works hard as a reader and never asks American authors to explain Americanisms/cultural references, so he didn’t feel compelled to include […]

lyric documentary

What are you documenting? What do you want to be documenting? Some things on my list: marginal housing communities; illegal architecture; home-building; hybrid cultural identities; immigrant cultures; sleep; water and wateriness; things the body knows without conscious articulation; body and landscape; language and its textural experience; folktales and their iterations.

ephemera :: “From the Balloon in the Clouds,” first piece of airmail ever delivered, 1784.  :: Letter from Picasso to Gertrude Stein.  :: Leaf growth. :: “‘Watertower’ is illuminated by the sun during the day and light sequences…at night."  :: Drumskin paintings (makes me remember: watercolor + salt).  :: "The stars are our ancestors,” our bodies are literally made of material from […]


This year, organizers’ estimates are at [400K] (last year they were around 200K).  “An unexpected element…lay in the participation in the march of hundreds of mainland Chinese who carried banners denouncing the confiscation of their farms for government-backed real estate projects in communities near Hong Kong. ‘It is not possible to protest in China, so we […]