+ NPR Code Switch: frontiers of race, culture, and ethnicity + “The Only Thing That Remains” + “The Stigma of Immigrant Languages” + “27 Signs…Asian Immigrant Parents” + “To All the White Girls…” . And on the Tsarnaev brothers: + NYT: “What’s the Difference between McVeigh & Tsarnaev?” + Aljazeera: “The Wrong Kind of Caucasian” + The Daily Show

multiculturalism, race, and american identity

accumulated over time: I. “There is what I call ‘the master narrative of American history,’ the familiar but mistaken story that this country was settled by European immigrants and that Americans are white or European in ancestry… In US history courses, what have they learned about Asian Americans or Peurto Ricans or Chicanos or the […]

the relationship between body and landscape …egg tarts, sweet buns, tea drinks on every corner, quiet walks home from the night-bus at four in the morning, little red lights of the sleeping cable cars, night fishermen, pausing in the middle of Central after hours to look upward at all the lit-up buildings, Hong Kong green, […]

it continues…

Simultaneously tiresome and irresistible… . “Thus I find it completely unsurprising that the growing use of instant replay coincides with a growing clamor for the “absolute” knowledge that a college football playoff will bring coincides with the use of remote-controlled drone strikes in Afghanistan that appear simultaneously true and video gamey coincides with the strategic […]

kerala, india (ii) Day 6. We begin our journey through Thekkady, the bus winding around narrow mountain paths, reminding me of Hong Kong. I ride an elephant named Maria. Day 7. The goat charges at me, and I grab for the nearest arm. From the boat we see a herd of elephants drinking water by the shore. […]

kerala, india (i) Day 1. After getting lost in Kochi’s neighborhoods of unmarked alleys, the groom’s sister brings us to a department store where fabrics of every color and brightness are unrolled with a flourish. During lunch at home, their mother asks, How do you make your fish? Similar, we say. Sweet instead of spicy. Day […]