hk (i) This summer I was in the city of my childhood for almost three weeks, sweating in all ways: slowly, immediately, consistently. I wasn’t sure how to feel, which is normal for me, but still dislocating. It was familiar and unfamiliar in a way that was different than when I was here in 2010-2011. […]

NY: water towers, yellow peril, and some loves Last week in NY was mostly wandering around neighborhoods, admiring the water towers, but one of the nights I attended a talk by John Tchen on Yellow Peril. Notes: How does visual culture of the past influence present emotions? Yellow danger, yellow claw, disembodied hands, the grotesque Racial attitudes shaped […]

25 years ago

+ NYTimes Coverage 25 Years Ago + NYTimes: “Tiananmen, Forgotten” + NYTimes: “Tales of Army Discord Show Tiananmen Square in New Light” + SCMP multimedia: “Voices from Tiananmen” + “Tiananmen Square: Unseen Photos Taken by Protestor” [Twenty-three] [Twenty-two]

awp; updates; coast/pole 4 In Seattle I will be reading Friday (2/28), 6p @ The Pine Box with Sonora Review (I have a new prose/poetry piece, “Notes on the Body in Turmoil,” in issue 64/65). Feeling apprehensive about AWP, but I wanted to redeem my previous solitary experience which involved bed bugs, a severe cold, and […]

nu wa: the flood / letters to mao

I have a short prose piece in Quarter After Eight. Thanks to the editors for choosing it as winner of the 2012 Robert J. DeMott Short Prose Contest. “Nu Wa: The Flood” is based on the folktale. * [Aug 13] Five of my “Letters to Mao” are up at Web Conjunctions (8.13.13).

observations “Your primary mode of living is focused internally, where you take things in primarily via intuition. Your secondary mode is external, where you deal with things according to how you feel about them, or how they fit with your personal value system. . They live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities . […]

house : text . “In architecture, once you remove the skin — the “language” of walls, ceilings and slabs — all that remains is sheer space.” . “how does one design and build using emptiness as a construction material? How do we perceive space? And how does it affect us?” . “spatial relationships, repetition, reflection, sequence, transparency, […]