omnivore’s dilemma In the last couple weeks, my body has ingested:      – a lobster tail     – four fried shrimp     – a slice of (Chinese-style) beef brisket     – various pieces of chicken and fish     – four tiny shrimp wontons I’m surprised that my body has taken in these foreign ingredients […]


Although I am a nonfiction writer, and a lyric essayist at that, I find myself craving more narrative fiction after finishing Fae Myenne Ng’s Bone. Reading fiction is much more leisurely for me; whenever I read creative nonfiction now, I am always dissecting the author’s choices and trying to figure out how the author did something.

weeks 1-3 in hong kong Ma On Shan On the way to Auntie Rander’s apartment with our suitcases the first night, we passed by a dark, wet parking lot in which tiny unseen frogs were emitting long, low sounds like fog horns. I kept thinking the word “bulbous”. Mid-Autumn Festival The day after Mid-Autumn Festival […]