names for homesickness; etc.

Missing this home very much at the moment. Trying to find the technical vocabulary for the geographical region and vegetation, all I can distill from the surrounding context is: subtropical broad-leafed forests, low-lying woodlands, shrublands, grasslands. 

My gathering tendencies…

{ laurels, beeches, & oaks, magnolias & witch-hazels, ericales (it has a milky sap) & myrtles // japanese bay trees (persea), short-flowered machilus (短花楠), cekiang machilus (長序潤楠), cinnamon trees, 木荷, 罗浮栲, japanese camellia kissi, cleyera, magnolia fordiana (龙楠树), chinese banyan, chinese laurel (salamander tree, currant tree), 黄桐, 九节, agarwood, rose apple, javawood, hong kong abacus plant,camphor trees, rose myrtle, baeckea, fried egg plant (egg flower), oblong-leaf litsea, india hawthorn, red melastome, embelia vine, chinese sweetspire, 降真香, ivy tree, chinese sumac, yellow cow wood }


In belated news: A September poem “Velella” at The Volta. There are whales in it. Its sister poem “Octopus Teeth” is in an upcoming issue of The Normal School. Both have to do with sea creatures and with oppositions that collapse into one another.

(Also: happenstance convergence that the poem section of The Volta is called They Will Sew the Blue Sail…perfect description for velella ♥︎)

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