I just spent 2.5 hours trying to push the bolts of an Ikea toilet seat into the holes, sweat literally dripping off my head and soaking through my shirt, only to have the seat get stuck half-way in, lopsided. This was after I got over the grossness of having to unscrew and remove the old toilet seat. Then, finally acquiescing to the fact that there was no way the toilet seat was going in, I tried to pull it out, and of course, it wouldn’t move. Tried pliers, scissors. Finally went to the kitchen and took the middle-sized knife (good thing I bought a packet of three–from Ikea) and cut through the plastic bolts, then used the pliers to push out the fragment of bolt still stuck in the hole. And then I put the old seat back on.

Worst toilet seat ever. Plastic tampon-like bolts with five rubber-stopper-things on each bolt. It was only $34 (~ US$4-5).

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