christmas in hong kong


My first winter away from my family was spent with G, eating, shopping for presents, and working in coffee shops that overlook the park. Also: picking out five kinds of fish/squid balls from a street stall, watching as they cooked, and eating our curry flavored dinner on a nearby bench; dim sum at City Hall and xiao long bao at three different places; walking around Mong Kok until dark, buying cheap toys from bubble machines and wandering through all of the Golden-Computer-Arcade-type centers, a kind of geek haven/paradise for G. Everywhere we went that last week the crowds were enormous. We got used to shuffling slowly in the direction of the swarm, pressed up against one another on all sides.


For some reason, I become sloth-like in such an environment. There are so many places I could have visited, since I hate going alone.


I love the mountains. Next to my apartment complex the cable cars ascend and descend, from nine to six, over water and across hills. One of these days I am going to take the cable cars during sunset.


Hong Kong loves its malls (possibly even more than Dallas does), and the malls love Christmas. I don’t always understand the logic behind the decorations (ex. a parade of cakes), but for all its gaudiness, it’s pretty stunning.

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