childhood snacks

Ever since my first week here I’ve been perusing the snack aisle at 7-Eleven and Wellcome, hunting down all of my old childhood favorites. Once in a while, I’ll catch a glimpse of a package design in passing and suddenly remember the taste of something.


More food notes from the past couple weeks: Ramen at Yokozuna (particularly: pork broth, soft-boiled eggs); Beard Papa is not nearly as good as in the States; Tai Cheong dan tat has more of a biscuit-like crust (I still prefer SF’s Golden Gate Bakery, although it’s twice the price); don’t forget the roast duck next time at Yung Kee; corn chocolate taste like corn + chocolate; pear gorgonzola cake at Caffe Habitu, only $15 with the lunch set; the Chengs are amazing cooks; Milo + Koko Krunch McFlurry is exactly what you would expect and just as delicious.

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