taipei: the list

+ 小龍包, Crab roe 小龍包, Pork chop, A菜, 擔擔麵, 炸醬麵, Song gao, Zongzi w/ 豆沙 @ Din Tai Fung;

+ 大雞排 (as big as my face),雪花冰,生煎包 @ various stalls/shops in 士林夜市;

+ 燒餅加蛋, 燒餅油條, 燒餅油條加蛋, 飯tuan, 田豆漿 @ 永和豆漿大王;

+ 紅燒牛肉麵 @ 泳康牛肉麵;

+ 仙草 soup w/ different kinds of tang yuan @ a shop on 泳康路;

+ Nian gao on a stick (we chose 花生) @ a stall in 西門町;

+ Milk tea w/ baby pearls @ a shop in 西門町;

+ Afternoon tea @ 天仁


Of course our first dinner was a pilgrimage to the original DTF. We got there at 5pm on a weekday and had zero wait, then proceeded to eat the best 小龍包 in the world, along with seriously tasty dan dan noodles.

The night market consisted of a scavenger hunt, with directions provided by a friend of mine. The rewards were inarticulably delicious. I can only say that 雪花冰 is the most amazing invention, and the 生煎包 was the best I’ve ever had, full of soup with a perfectly crispy bottom.

We had my favorite kind of breakfast two mornings in a row. Yes, I am holding a 燒餅 in each hand.

Also had my first bowl of 牛肉麵 since I started eating meat again. Just the right amount of spiciness for a rainy day. The 牛肉 melted in my mouth.

Can’t leave Taiwan without having pearl milk tea.

Food on a stick is always a win. This one actually required some skill, as they molded the nian gao on the stove in order to get the outside crispy. There were several choices for topping, including black sesame, chocolate, even cheese.

This post is full of superlatives.

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