taipei: other highlights

We had to fit as much food as possible into three days. The gaps of time in between were spent doing other things.

+ Taipei 101 had a fast elevator.

+ There were clothes and other things at Shilin Night Market; however, I decided I loved Taiwan after walking through the market food court, a perfect entryway to the rest of the night.

+ After a relaxing couple hours in a glorified bathtub in Xin Beitou (hot springs), we wandered around an old historical bathhouse (now a museum) and a library that looked like a nature retreat. I coveted the space, which seemed beautiful for reading books.

+ I love nightly walks in any city: from a bus the previous night, I saw the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall lit up and decided to come back the following night on foot.

+ If I had moved to Taipei in ninth grade as I almost did, Ximending is where I would have spent my Friday nights.

+ The Flower Expo was crowded.

+ (We’d both already been to the National Palace Museum.)

+ Our gate happened to be the Hello Kitty terminal. I was pleased; G was less so.

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