“is coercive just by being”

(In reference to an environment in which any one religion is, based on community standards, adopted in some manner by the state, even if the community actively asserts that individuals are absolutely free not to participate.)

Agree or disagree?

It reminded me of a conversation I once had with my Libertarian friend. He believes that part of the agreement one makes as a minority, in willingly living in a society where the majority population is of a different culture/religion/ethnicity/etc., is an acceptance that one’s individual culture/religion/ethnicity/etc. will not necessarily be recognized or given an equal voice; that it is up to the individual to make herself heard; and that the government has no responsibility or moral imperative (indeed, the opposite is true) to pursue policy that give the minority population “special” rights (presumed “special” by the fact that the individual is a minority in a society governed by majority rule).

At the end of our inevitable debate (one of the most level-headed and friendly discussions I have had with someone whose views are so dissimilar to mine), we decided that we’re actually rooted in similar values, but ultimately we differ on the role government should have and, I think, the degree of agency/power an individual has as a minority.

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