current loves

(notes for myself)

“We are red stars on maps protected beneath hard plastic in highway rest areas tired travelers touch to make sense of where they are.”

“My brothers and I sat in the back of our 1974 Grand Prix, bare legs sticking to the leather seat, hot and irritable, often bickering, forced to participate in my father’s endless exploration of how far he could go.”

“When I was a girl, my Dad could get me to believe anything. He convinced me once that I was watching a water skier behind a tanker on the ocean. More than anything, I always wanted to see animals in the wild and at the beach he could get me to sit still for hours, believing every breaking wave could be the arching back of a dolphin or the sudden leap of a manta ray. Can you imagine what that would be, to see one leap right in front of you, all that wild animalness, right there?”

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