post-election poem + the offing + pushcart prize nominations

The only thing I could write in these last weeks is up at Tarpaulin Sky: “Inside Our Killing.” It is an attempt to give myself relief by giving something language. Thank you to TS for opening up this space. Read more post-election texts (“to survive, to speak”) here.


Happy to have new hybrid (fiction? poetry? essay?) writing in The Offing. “Moon; Iterations” is based on the tale of Chang ‘E (the whole piece is 34 sections), related to my other poems about the lady in the moon. Thank you to The Offing for inviting me to send these.


More moon news: One of those poems “From the Voice of the Lady in the Moon” received a Pushcart Prize nomination from Black Warrior Review, one of my most favorite journals to read. You can view a poem and my craft essay a couple posts below. I am also very honored that Cherry Tree nominated one of the “Letters to Mao” in my book.

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