i miss posting about things i love

There are few things that stir me so deeply, and I have few words for it. I have written about her work before in Jacket2: “Francesca Capone: Text(ure), Refracting Language.” Something about translation moves me, the refraction that occurs in translating between mediums. Something about textile as a socially female domain. Something about hiding words and documents inside something else we make with our bodies.

“I see textile as a forbearer of linguistic traditions. Throughout history textiles have been used as a place for recording information and for telling stories.” (The Creators Project)

And: “They would document stitches, materials, and all this stuff that men hadn’t paid attention to. It was very much a reclaiming of women’s knowledge… re-asserting needlework and textiles as a legitimate art practice.” (i-D)

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