topography/weekend, part 1

The fancy hotel, with its spectacular views, had a dress code, so K and I somehow ended up in an elevator with no buttons that brought us to a restaurant on floor 101 with its own spectacular views (even from the bathroom). It was slightly unsettling to see Hong Kong from this vantage point, like looking at a map. You could see the water beyond the other side of HK island. You could see residential groupings, the harbor like a river, neighborhood districts running into one another, outlines of building shadows and the shadows of clouds falling across rooftops and parks.

After a couple hours next to the window, we went to Causeway Bay to eat okonomiyaki, which made me think of my brother, who introduced this food to me. You could choose between three flavors (regular, curry, spicy) and then a variety of ingredients. I got curry with scallops, corn, spring onion, and some kind of mushroom.

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