intermittent rains (ii)

Space Museum

Here is what I wrote in my notebook in the dark: (1) VLT (very large telescope), machines turn to the sky; (2) James Webb telescope, 15 countries collecting their technologies, accumulating light, astronomal archives; (3) Chinese constellations and mapping of the stars superimposed over the Big Dipper and Orion.

It was cold inside the planetarium, and I took off my shoes because they were drenched from the rain. 

Ink Art vs. Ink Art

At the special exhibit in the Museum of Art were names of artists I had just finished researching: Wucius Wong, Lu Shoukun, Irene Chou. Around the corner there was also a massive black-and-white photograph of Ai Wei Wei, paintings of a paper-doll Chow Yun-fat with various costumes from different movies, and panels of the iconic “redwhiteblue” plastic material: “Nobody is certain when red-white-blue first appeared in the world.”

Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

Since we finished our dinner early, we walked along the Avenue of Stars, past the “Starbucks of Destiny,” as W calls it, toward the Cultural Centre. Our seats were immediately behind the orchestra, so close that we could see the sheet music and the cymbalist preparing for his turn. The movements of the bows of the violas, violins, cellos, in sync, at different angles, made me think of swimming.

High Tea

Certain remaining influences of British colonialism are more obvious than others. I chose lychee green tea. My favorite out of the three tiers was the fresh scones with clotted cream, blackcurrant jam, and some other glistering orange-colored preserve. 

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