It came faster than anticipated, but Bhanu Kapil chose my manuscript MOON: LETTERS, MAPS, POEMS as winner of the 2017 Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize, and I am all moon/waves/more! It is a dream come true; I love Bhanu’s work, and while writing this MS I kept feeling it belonged in the feral/hybrid/otherly TS world. I don’t feel like the project is completely finished, but I’m excited to re-imagine it a bit with Bhanu’s help.

It’s my wild child manuscript, strange writings I started seven years ago during my Fulbright in Hong Kong—a fitful period of reentering the world after years of being shut—and that I continued writing whenever I needed Chang ‘E 嫦娥’s voice to say the things I could not say except into the darkest corner of the room. The book draws loosely on the folktale of the Lady in the Moon, along with other Chinese mythologies centering around women.

You can view one of the poems here. I wrote a craft essay on it for Black Warrior Review. And an in-progress excerpt from another section of the book appears in The Offing.

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