lost fragments: chinese new year 1

[february 2011]

Flower Market/CNY Fair at Victoria Park

Giant inflatable pearl milk tea; white rabbit milk-candy pillow; pinwheels; plastic flowers; stuffed dim sum toys; animal pockets and animal hats; bunny ephemera, et cetera; phone cases resembling laisee packets; frozen candied fruit sticks; coconut candy wraps; hong kong pudding; stinky tofu; red bean cakes and confectioneries; lily bulbs; narcissus; pink and magenta orchids; flowering branches; watery buckets; signs to direct pedestrian traffic; signs pointing to the MTR; crowds.

Chinese New Year Lunch 

In the morning I rode the elevator down to my grandparents’ flat to 拜年. When I was younger, my siblings and I used to put on our new clothes and spend the entire day visiting each relative, eating sesame ball soup and powdery lotus candy, pocketing red packets, and comparing our spoils.  


The week before Chinese New Year, it was even more difficult than usual to move through Hong Kong. These are things I like to do on my own: allow myself to be carried with the current.

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