underlying tensions

After hearing about this a while ago, I’ve been keeping a list of videos and articles in case I wanted to stew and, at some point, articulate something. I don’t, though, not really; the thought of it exhausts me. Here is a summary I came across, ostensibly by a HK blogger, that includes videos of the Peking University professor and the MTR incident:  [badcanto.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/mainland-scholar-many-hongkonger-are-dogs/]

A couple general notes:

+ In light of other recent issues, like the D&G protests and the debate over Mainlanders coming to HK to give birth

+ The professor’s rhetoric regarding language, in relation to linguistic hegemony, language & identity, a certain attitude of “Motherland.”

+ Despite my agitation, it’s important to acknowledge that discriminatory attitudes are a problem on both sides.

+ Cultural clashes and/or power dynamics. The real tension is not over spilled food but a threat to one’s local identity, values, and way of life, especially given the history and context.

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