sutro bath ruins

On Sunday the weather was beautiful, so G and I packed a picnic under a circle of very tall eucalyptus trees. It got cool as the sun lowered behind them, and we climbed into the car and drove along the ocean. We decided to stop and walk around Sutro Baths, which was once a massive glass-covered swimming pool built alongside the sea in the late 19th century. There were seven pools, and water would either flow directly in from the ocean, or it would be pumped, depending on the tide. Now there are a series of half-crumbled walls (and some iron wickets) along which you can walk and view the shoreline. On the way down to the ruins, we saw a gopher popping his head out of a hole. I sat on a little stump on the farthest wall and watched the rocks, which were covered in copper algae and green moss.


Today I’m working on the rooftop garden terrace of the SFMOMA. There’s a large space with all the glass partitions open, and every time the wind blows, a large hanging mobile swivels ever so gently.

As much as I miss HK, I’m constantly reminded of what a surprising and beautiful city this is.

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