patterns: stairways

They’re all over Hong Kong…up alleyways, between buildings, connecting layers of neighborhoods. You can see them from bus windows, running steep and narrow against the mountain in odd locations (these are the ones I always wonder about). Some are more famous than others: Pottinger Street (this counts as stairs, I think), the Mid-levels escalator, the gas lamp staircase that leads to the special Starbucks (there were always photographers and women in bright dresses). Some are linked to late, half-remembered nights. Most are helpful for navigating elusive streets, building entrances, pedestrian walkways, so long as you can remember where they are located.

a. Mid-levels escalator. At night, after the escalators had stopped, I used to run down the adjacent steps as fast as I could (I was usually trying to make the last MTR, but also it was fun to leap…they lend themselves well to speed).

b. Somewhere in Sheung Wan.

c. Bowen Road, along which are many signs warning of a dog poisoner.

d. Sheung Wan, near the Sun-Yat Sen Museum (which I never visited).

e. Somewhere in the vicinity.

f. Sham Shui Po, behind the Shek Kip Mei housing unit that Auntie R lived in after the infamous fire.

g. Central piers. For some reason I liked walking around here at night.

h. Somewhere in Sheung Wan, again.



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