multiculturalism, race, and american identity

accumulated over time:

I. “There is what I call ‘the master narrative of American history,’ the familiar but mistaken story that this country was settled by European immigrants and that Americans are white or European in ancestry… In US history courses, what have they learned about Asian Americans or Peurto Ricans or Chicanos or the native peoples of this country or even African Americans?… Americans are not thinking about who is an American, it’s in the air, it’s an unacknowledged assumption that American means white or European ancestry." [Ronald Takaki on NPR, "Living in a Multicultural America,” 2008]


II. “By about 3-5 years old, kids start labeling themselves with racial terms." Racial groups as a social construction: while children notice racial differences very early on, they don’t learn the rules of how our society treats different racial groups until elementary school. ["How Do Children Process, Learn About Race?,” 2008]


III. The politics of defining racism: "With the modern rise of scientific disciplines, racism had access to a whole new language. When that language was discredited…new forms of expression were found—those others don’t share our way of life, they cook food that smells, they control the media, or they have a culture of criminality… Racism proceeds through euphemism and code" []


IV. On the phenomenon of PSY: [] []

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