“politics of narrative”

[therumpus.net/2011/12/the-politics-of-narrative/] “…there were two types of stories: coming home, or leaving home. The assertion neatly correlates to the classical definition of comedy and tragedy, as well as a content-first v. structure-first division of the arts. The coming home story (usually comedic or “feel good”): the cowboy accepts and/or is accepted by society. The leaving home […]

march 2012

From [“Pro-Leung polls put Beijing in corner” (SCMP)]: “Polls showing that chief executive candidate Leung Chun-ying is building a substantial lead in popularity over Henry Tang Ying-yen – the rival that Beijing favours – will make it increasingly difficult for the central government to back Tang openly, observers said yesterday.” “Lau said that, as tensions flared, […]