[] The book being reviewed is itself an aesthetically interesting project (humanist/atheist rewriting of the Bible; biblical language and form; Western intellectual thought, poeticized; collage of philosophy, literature, science, the author’s own writings)…I’m also curious about the direction of these literary trends: collage, unattributed material. The review/essay is just plain interesting. There is something about […]

paper boats Next to the minibus terminus at the Sai Kung town centre, floating in some water, are four or five giant paper boats made with, of course, giant Chinese newspapers. I couldn’t read them, but I imagine they are reports on water currents and how to navigate by the night sky. * A couple […]

intermittent rains (ii) Space Museum Here is what I wrote in my notebook in the dark: (1) VLT (very large telescope), machines turn to the sky; (2) James Webb telescope, 15 countries collecting their technologies, accumulating light, astronomal archives; (3) Chinese constellations and mapping of the stars superimposed over the Big Dipper and Orion. It […]

intermittent rains (i) Mido Cafe One of the oldest 茶餐廳 in Hong Kong, it has preserved certain relics and sentiments: panels of green-framed windows, tiled floors and walls, vertically hung menu strips, an old cash register. I like the centimeter square tiles, but I also like them in the MTR stations, pedestrian bridges, building facades. […]


“Even the most sophisticated mathematical model is, de facto, a story, a parable, our effort to (rationally) grasp the world around us.” [NYT, "The Moral Behind All Numbers”] “the sensation I had of scraping away the layers between myself and a lost world, in search of its occupants” [Jennifer Egan, “Archaeology,” New Yorker]

july 1 march In my research this year I’ve found that there is commonly invoked this demarcation of “pre-1997 Handover” and “post-1997 Handover.” So much of the discourse on Hong Kong identity pivots around this marker. It makes sense. And, so, it makes sense that on the anniversary of Hong Kong’s Handover to China, tens […]

happy birthday, ling-ling! I am so proud of her and her heart. She is one of the best people I know. Random list of three: +  People used to think we were twins (we dressed alike on occasion, and I was short for my age). + Her senior thesis was titled “Gentrification in Austin and […]

not just empty symbolism

“The government will closely monitor today’s turnout for the march in Victoria Park to gauge the strength of opposition to its proposal…. If the march draws a substantial turnout or exceeds 100,000, the administration will face the risk of some pro-government legislators withdrawing their support for the bill,” a person in the government said.“ "The government’s […]