topography/weekend, part 2 On Sunday some friends and I made our way to a (more) remote beach, Long Ke Wan, in Sai Kung. After reaching the town centre via MTR and minibus, we took a green taxi that drove windingly through Sai Kung Country Park and dropped us off in an area that is apparently […]

topography/weekend, part 1 The fancy hotel, with its spectacular views, had a dress code, so K and I somehow ended up in an elevator with no buttons that brought us to a restaurant on floor 101 with its own spectacular views (even from the bathroom). It was slightly unsettling to see Hong Kong from this […]

butterflies and birds Last weekend the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra performed “梁山伯祝英台” (The Butterfly Lovers) at City Hall. It’s a song I grew up listening to while dancing around the living room with my sister. The night’s program also included five other pieces, specifically featuring the violin and the guqin. The ones that included the […]

33 tai tam road A few months ago, a friend and I rode the #6 bus to Stanley, then took a taxi to the apartment where we both lived as children. We lived in Block H: he was on the 42nd floor, I was on the 23rd. There are things that I have always remembered. […]

literature & language (notes) Since being in HK, I’ve thought a lot about language: how it is shaped by one’s environment, both linguistically and as a writer; how it participates in identity construction; the various functions that each embodies for a multilingual speaker; the effect that one has on another; code-switching and code-mixing; the different roles of English/Cantonese/Putonghua […]

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mar-jun: random photos a. There are frogs (and other lively animals) along my favorite path in Tung Chung b. Then I sit and watch the water and the cable cars c. Coffee egg tart at the special Starbucks on Duddell d. Another Wednesday night at the races e. I never win very much f. The […]

父親節快樂 My father and I have an unusual amount of things in common: art, eggs, fiery tempers, oily noses. We laugh uncontrollably at the same things. We like being witness to the beauty of natural landscapes. We feel connected to Hong Kong. We are both suspicious of the same kinds of people, both intensely loyal […]