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+ + + + + (notes for myself) “We are red stars on maps protected beneath hard plastic in highway rest areas tired travelers touch to make sense of where they are.” “My brothers and I sat in the back of our 1974 Grand Prix, bare legs sticking to the leather seat, hot and irritable, […]

winter 2009 I’ve been missing my family. It’s becoming more and more rare for us to be all in the same house. On our first night together, after the newest generation is asleep in the crib upstairs, we will naturally congregate over snacks in one corner of the house, and we will talk: about our […]

literally, a tower of buns So the Cheung Chau Bun Scrambling Contest…very bizarre. I was, however, pretty excited by the special McVeggie the McDonald’s there had in honor of Buddha’s birthday. P.S. Some day I will finally write my Chinese New Year blog entry…

(notes for myself)

+ “More likely, the discrepancy in these numbers is a matter of unconscious bias… Subjects in a recently published psychological experiment consistently rated hypothetical employees with Caucasian-sounding names higher in leadership potential than identical ones with Asian names” “To become a leader requires taking personal initiative and thinking about how an organization can work differently. […]

張家界 Over Easter weekend, I traveled to the “Avatar Mountains” in Hunan province with a few childhood classmates of mine. The mountains left me breathless (partially due to a severe respiratory infection, but, also, the view was beautiful). Highlights: + Inexplicably scattered along our hike up the mountain were these large, heavy stone replicas of […]