taipei: other highlights We had to fit as much food as possible into three days. The gaps of time in between were spent doing other things. + Taipei 101 had a fast elevator. + There were clothes and other things at Shilin Night Market; however, I decided I loved Taiwan after walking through the market […]

taipei: the list + 小龍包, Crab roe 小龍包, Pork chop, A菜, 擔擔麵, 炸醬麵, Song gao, Zongzi w/ 豆沙 @ Din Tai Fung; + 大雞排 (as big as my face),雪花冰,生煎包 @ various stalls/shops in 士林夜市; + 燒餅加蛋, 燒餅油條, 燒餅油條加蛋, 飯tuan, 田豆漿 @ 永和豆漿大王; + 紅燒牛肉麵 @ 泳康牛肉麵; + 仙草 soup w/ different kinds of tang yuan @ a shop on 泳康路; + […]

g in hong kong: other highlights + Beijing Opera. G fell asleep. After particularly impressive moments of singing, the man behind me would bellow a robust “好!!” + Bicycling from Tai Po to Tai Mei Tuk. Including our unplanned detours (“being lost”), we biked a total of about 25km. + Cheung Sha beach. After tumbling head-first down […]

g in hong kong: the list To begin with, foods eaten: + Mango pudding @ Hui Lau Shan; + Steamed egg white + milk, Steamed egg, Lotus seed soup @ Australia Dairy Company; + Mango macaron, Salty caramel macaron, Green tea w/ mochi roll cake @ Roll; + Wonton noodles @ Mak’s Noodles; + Various […]