it seems to be a recurring theme Saturday was a good food day with friends. Brunch at Classified: baked camembert with truffle (omg), granola with greek yogurt and watermelon, banana french toast, something with chorizo, english bacon, chocolate cake. Coffee at Zambra: apple crumble, banoffee pie. Dinner at Crystal Jade: xiao long bao, shanghai sheng […]

“hong kong: corner houses” The Upper Station Gallery is located on the incline of a steep hill. Further up the hill is Blake Gardens, a park that begins with a height of stairs, winds over slopes, and overlooks neighboring rooftops. My aesthetic appreciation for art is very underdeveloped and essentially resides in instinctual pleasure, so: […]

i have an affinity for lists

– Stick to initial project of weekly writing prompts/exercises.– Aim to read one leisure fiction book per week (in addition to usual research & writing books).– Reflect and dissect without overanalyzing into paralysis.– Yes to all invitations and activities and new things (pretend I’m an extrovert).– Regular sleeping schedule.– To do: Mai Po marshes, Ha […]