childhood snacks Ever since my first week here I’ve been perusing the snack aisle at 7-Eleven and Wellcome, hunting down all of my old childhood favorites. Once in a while, I’ll catch a glimpse of a package design in passing and suddenly remember the taste of something. * More food notes from the past couple […]

christmas in hong kong i. My first winter away from my family was spent with G, eating, shopping for presents, and working in coffee shops that overlook the park. Also: picking out five kinds of fish/squid balls from a street stall, watching as they cooked, and eating our curry flavored dinner on a nearby bench; […]

sipping mulled wine It was raining at the Happy Valley Racecourse last night. I bet on three races and emerged with a net loss of HK$80. It would have been $100,but on the last race, horse #5 placed, and I won a meager $20. I almost felt sheepish collecting it. The man win front of me […]

wandering around central At the top of a gas lamp staircase in Central, there is a special Starbucks that was once an old Hong Kong cha can ting. Square tables, tattered red calendar, an old television box, various relics and trinkets in glass cases. When it was finally night outside, I did not feel like returning […]