oct-nov: photos + captions (ii) 11. Walking around Kowloon Park12. More exploratory walking after Kowloon Park13. I consistently know when it is 5 o’clock because the light changes14. Rush hour traffic15. Sai Kung16. Thanksgiving potluck feast (I hate cooking, but my creamed corn was positively delicious)17. It’s my elementary school!18. Rainbow staircase! Today is Day […]

oct-nov: photos + captions (i) 1. Kadoorie Farms hike2. Xi mi lu with taro & three kinds of puddings3. Requisite cuteness (I am in Asia)4. Daddy’s favorite fast food place (Yi Zhou Mian)5. Mommy’s favorite dish (yu dan mian)6. Best mango drink ever7. Mommy is diabetic8. We just bought 7 sweet potato pies at McDonald’s9. […]