(reading as my mother sleeps in the adjacent room)

I love Marilynne Robinson. Her language bewilders me. And I’m amazed at how deep her characters and her little towns go, emotionally, aesthetically, intellectually. I’m sort of glad I never took a workshop with her at Iowa because somehow the magic would have been ruined.  * Right now my apartment smells like a thousand different curry spices. It’s […]


I just spent 2.5 hours trying to push the bolts of an Ikea toilet seat into the holes, sweat literally dripping off my head and soaking through my shirt, only to have the seat get stuck half-way in, lopsided. This was after I got over the grossness of having to unscrew and remove the old […]

omnivore’s dilemma In the last couple weeks, my body has ingested:      – a lobster tail     – four fried shrimp     – a slice of (Chinese-style) beef brisket     – various pieces of chicken and fish     – four tiny shrimp wontons I’m surprised that my body has taken in these foreign ingredients […]


Although I am a nonfiction writer, and a lyric essayist at that, I find myself craving more narrative fiction after finishing Fae Myenne Ng’s Bone. Reading fiction is much more leisurely for me; whenever I read creative nonfiction now, I am always dissecting the author’s choices and trying to figure out how the author did something.

weeks 1-3 in hong kong Ma On Shan On the way to Auntie Rander’s apartment with our suitcases the first night, we passed by a dark, wet parking lot in which tiny unseen frogs were emitting long, low sounds like fog horns. I kept thinking the word “bulbous”. Mid-Autumn Festival The day after Mid-Autumn Festival […]