joshua tree national park; secret gardens July 2014: desert birthday * And more, more notes on bewilderment: “To engage repeatedly with those patches of darkness, those nights of history, those places of unknowing” “The language of nuance and ambiguity and speculation” “While there are many Woolfs, mine has been a Virgil guiding me through the […]

{secret} gardens

“It has something to do with preserving life’s mystery; with leaving certain things undescribed, unspecified, and unknown; with savoring certain emotions… It depends on an intensified sense of life’s preciousness and fragility” “Each of us has a certain resolute innerness—a kernel of selfhood that we can’t share with others… There can be something enjoyable, even […]

NY: water towers, yellow peril, and some loves Last week in NY was mostly wandering around neighborhoods, admiring the water towers, but one of the nights I attended a talk by John Tchen on Yellow Peril. Notes: How does visual culture of the past influence present emotions? Yellow danger, yellow claw, disembodied hands, the grotesque Racial attitudes shaped […]

house : text . “In architecture, once you remove the skin — the “language” of walls, ceilings and slabs — all that remains is sheer space.” . “how does one design and build using emptiness as a construction material? How do we perceive space? And how does it affect us?” . “spatial relationships, repetition, reflection, sequence, transparency, […]


+ NPR Code Switch: frontiers of race, culture, and ethnicity + “The Only Thing That Remains” + “The Stigma of Immigrant Languages” + “27 Signs…Asian Immigrant Parents” + “To All the White Girls…” . And on the Tsarnaev brothers: + NYT: “What’s the Difference between McVeigh & Tsarnaev?” + Aljazeera: “The Wrong Kind of Caucasian” + The Daily Show