the poetics of translation

[I Am a Deaf Artist Redefining “Sound”]:

“And the second thing I think about is ghost. Because I can’t see sound – it’s not there.”

“As a society, the majority of people hear. And I mirror them. I have to follow what they’re doing. It was not like society gave me a clear, safe place to do whatever I wanted. I had to learn how to integrate to their ways. And the more aware I become of the noises and the norms, the more I play around with that in my artwork.”

“Most people who write music have this idea of silence, but they can hear and they use that to define or shape silence, or vice versa. So how can I learn the idea of sound and silence from their perspective? I can’t relate to that. So I’m starting over from scratch with everything. I’m redefining things.”

“There’s different ways sound has an impact on the body. Sound doesn’t enter only through the ears.”


[Sep 2015] Her work, and the way she talks about it, is really moving to me. It takes courage to redefine terms we have been given, and an artist has the ability to make this transformation beautiful and compelling. There’s an interesting relationship between necessity and play; I think this is true for children, for artists, maybe for everyone. We play (with words, colors, sounds, etc.) because we need to understand something in the world, to make it recognizable to our bodies. And of course, again: the mystery of things that the body knows/absorbs…

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