dear blank space + how to build an american home

Happy New Year! I spent mine in bed with a terrible flu, so my start to 2016 was: foggy, bleary. But I am proud of this piece “Dear Blank Space: A Literacy Narrative,” which closed out the year in Entropy magazine (and was included on LitHub Daily!). It is a lyric essay on the poetics/ethics/politics of blank space; or a meditation on the intersection of my obsessions – silence, wilderness, unknowability, the margins, and broken things; or how I am grateful to this form for giving me a language. The section “Dear Ruptures” is pretty much a metaphor for how I feel almost all of the time.

I also have 4 image-text poems from my series “How to Build an American Home” in one of my favorites, DIAGRAM. In the series I want to redefine ‘American’ as my own immigrant home, I want to blur the blueprint for what an American Home means.

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