“occupy Central”

[“Occupiers on the march in Kowloon” (SCMP)]:¬†Apparently Occupy Wall Street has spread to HK? And apparently I write for SCMP (I don’t…apparently I just have a popular name).

So my impression after a year is that HK protests a lot. More than you would have anticipated. Sometimes they are taken seriously, sometimes not. I’m still not sure of the complexities that underly it all, what cultural implications there are. Maybe it is partly the ability even to march, in the shadow of an authority that usually intimidates such activity. Maybe it is connected to the younger generation and the contradiction of values that seems to shroud them, which I cannot yet articulate; something to do with popular culture, the erasure of history, the role of money, the arts scene in HK, the impulse for self-identity. Although, older generations have certainly participated in their own protests:¬†[“Rebel without a pause: how the activists did it” (SCMP)]

On a semi-related note, it made me think about the culture of dissent in China: [nytimes.com/2011/10/30/magazine/the-dangerous-politics-of-internet-humor-in-china.html]

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