CE election

From WSJ, “Hong Kong Taps Beijing Ally” (written by a fellow Fulbrighter and Brunonian!):

“When Beijing weighed in last week in a series of meetings with electors, it touched a sore spot with Hong Kong residents, who are increasingly sensitive about the influence of the mainland, both politically and economically.”

“The leadership race was unique in that it was a nondemocratic election in a city with all the trappings of democracy. Public-opinion polls tracked the popularity of candidates, showing Mr. Tang’s collapse in the weeks before the election." 

"In a mock democratic online vote over the weekend, 54% of the self-selected voters refused to pick a candidate. The civil referendum, conducted by the University of Hong Kong, recorded nearly 223,000 participants, five times the organizer estimate.”

Also: SCMP, “After a hard race, tests loom large”; “Majority cast blank votes”

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