kerala, india (i)

Day 1. After getting lost in Kochi’s neighborhoods of unmarked alleys, the groom’s sister brings us to a department store where fabrics of every color and brightness are unrolled with a flourish. During lunch at home, their mother asks, How do you make your fish? Similar, we say. Sweet instead of spicy.

Day 2. At the temple, there are elephants. Lunch is served on bright green leafs: a glossy palette on which we dip and scoop our fingers. Hours later we ride the autobuses, weaving through traffic. This is an experience: Indian traffic. The sound is a medley of horns. On foot in the darkness, we attempt to retrace our steps to the groom’s home. A wild dog follows us.

Day 3. In the morning a woman helps with wrapping our saris. At night we drink Kingfishers in the hotel bar.

Day 4. Waterfalls and rocks and mist from the falls. Cows tied up in the woods.

Day 5 (morning). Spider boats with large fishing nets attached to bamboo cranes. Plants that float, carried by the tide to gather at the shoreline. The day begins with a ferry that carries our bus to the other side of the river.

Day 5 (afternoon). Our houseboats are like three woven cocoons on the backwaters. After lunch, we stop in a neighborhood with a temple, only to get caught in a flash flood. We run through the heavy rain, but at some point, there is no need (we are already soaked).

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